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Department of Social Services

Child, Adult and Family Services

Child Protective Services
If you have a concern that a child is being abused or neglected you may call the office at (804) 785-5977 or (804) 769-5003 during office hours or the State Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline at (800) 552-7096 to report your concerns.

The goal of Child Protective Services is to identify, assess, and provide services to children and families in an effort to protect children, preserve families, whenever possible, and prevent further maltreatment. CPS is non-punitive in its approach and is directed toward enabling families to provide adequate care for their children.

Prevention Services
The goal of Prevention Services is to strengthen families by insuring the safety, permanency and well-being of its children. These services are designed to:

  • Prevent the occurrence (or reoccurrence) of child abuse/neglect from any caretaker
  • Prevent out of home care (including the prevention of foster care)

Foster Care
The Foster Care Program provides services to children and families when circumstances require the child to be temporarily removed from their home. Foster care provides a safe and stable environment for children and older youth until the issues that made placement outside the home necessary are resolved. When a child cannot return home, another permanent home is found for the child through adoption or legal custody by a relative.

We are always looking for families to serve as foster parents. If you are interested in being a foster parent for King and Queen, or would like additional information, please call our office at (804)-785-5977 or (804) 769-5003.

Adoption Services
Adoption services are offered to the adoptive family when a foster child is adopted from our agency. The department continues to assist the adoptive family to facilitate the child’s adjustment into the new family and to assess the ongoing service needs.

Court Order Home Studies
The department is ordered by the Court to conduct an assessment of a home and to make recommendations to the Court to assist in custody decisions.

Employment Services
The Employment Services Program offers assistance in becoming self-sufficient for recipients of TANF and SNAP. The program offers employment-related activities, education, training, and needed support services.

Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services includes the identification, receipt and investigation of reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults 60 years of age or older and incapacitated adults age 18 or older.

If protective services are needed and accepted by the individual, local department Adult Protective Services workers may arrange for a wide variety of health, housing, social and legal services to stop the mistreatment or prevent further mistreatment. Services offered may include home-based care, transportation, adult day services, adult foster care, nutrition services and legal intervention in order to protect the adult. Services may also be arranged for individuals in emergency situations who lack the capacity to consent to services.

Adult Services
Adult Services are provided to adults with an impairment.

Adult Services workers may offer assistance in the form of home-based care (such as companion, chore, or homemaker services); adult day services; adult foster care; nutrition services through congregate meal programs or home delivered meals; assessment for nursing facility or assisted living facility care; and coordination of other services to support the adult.

These services are designed to assist the adult in remaining in the least restrictive setting and functioning as independently as possible, to establish or strengthen appropriate family and social support systems, and to support the adult in self-determination.

For additional information on programs, please visit the website for the Virginia Department of Social Services at http://www.dss.virginia.gov/


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