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Building & Zoning


Permit Fee Schedule

Minimum Fee for Any Permit $40.00
 Building Permits
Commercial/Industrial Building $.25 sq. ft.
Residential Dwelling Unit - Stick Built $.20 sq. ft.
Residential Dwelling Unit - Modular $.15 sq. ft.
Residential Dwelling Unit - Manufactured $.15 sq. ft.
Residential Unfinished Basement, Porch, Attached Garage or other Unfinished Area $.20 sq. ft.
Decks & ADA Ramps $.15 sq. ft.
Accessory Structures (sheds, detached garage/carport, workshop & gazebo, etc.) $.15 sq. ft.
Docks/Piers - Marine Construction $.12 sq. ft.
Chimney (new, repair or replacement) $45.00
Sign $50.00
Docks/Piers - Marine Construction $.15 sq. ft.
Alterations & Renovations $55.00
Demolition of any structure $50.00
Elevators - Per Floor Per Shaft $50.00
Roof Construction - Repair or Replacement $40.00
Foundation Only $55.00
Skirting Wall (Manufactured Homes) $40.00
 Electrical Permits  
Temporary Pole $40.00
New 200 amp Electrical Service $50.00
New 400 amp Electrical Service $75.00
New Service over 400 amps $25.00 per 100 amps

Residential per Service Upgrade or Change


Electrical Wiring or Outlets $75.00
Generator (add electrical, gas line, and tank permits if required) $75.00
Commercial and Ag 200-amp services $100.00
Commercial and Ag 400-amp services $200.00
Commercial and Ag services over 400-amp $100.00 per 100 amps
 Plumbing Permits  
Commercial/Industrial Building $.10/Sq. Ft. ($500 max.)
New Residential Dwelling Unit - Stick Built $60.00
New Residential Dwelling Unit - Modular/Manufactured $50.00
Addition/Accessory Structure $50.00
Fire Supression System $.10/Sq. Ft. ($500 max.)
 Mechanical Permits  
Commercial/Industrial Building $.10/Sq. Ft. ($500 max.)
New Residential Dwelling - Stick Built $75.00
New Residential Dwelling - Modular/Manufactured $50.00
Addition/Accessory Structure $50.00
Fire Place and gas logs/decorative Heater $50.00
Change or Replacement of any Gas Appliance $50.00
Cell Towers  
Cell Towers - New Construction (Single Tenant) $1,500.00
Co-location of Antenna Attachment $1,000.00
 Swimming Pools  
Note: Pool Permit must be accompanied with an electrical permit and fence or barrier plans  
Above Ground Pool - Residential $50.00
In Ground Pool - Residential $125.00
Public Pool $300.00
 Amusement Devices  
Each Kiddie Ride $55.00
Each Major Ride $55.00
Each Spectacular Ride $75.00
Event Generator



 Fuel Storage Tanks  
Note: This permit may also require a land disturbance permit  
0 to 500 Gallons - Total per site $50.00
500 to 50,000 Gallons - Total per site $200.00
Over 50,000 GAllons - Total per site $300.00
Fuel Tank Removal - Total per site $75.00
Residential roof mounts array (will require building and electrical permits) $100.00
Residential ground mount array (will require electrical permit and Zoning permit, may also require aland disturbance permit) $100.00
Solar Farm $1.50 per kilowatt generated
Modification to the Building Code $75.00
Re-inspection Fee - 1st offence per project $50.00
Re-inspection Fee - 2nd offence or more per project $100.00
Revisions to building plans previously approved $50.00
Six (6) month extension of time on a building permit $30.00
Extension of time on a Temporary C.O. $50.00
Relocation of a Building $50.00
Plan Review Fee Residential $30.00
Plan Review Fee Commercial $150.00
Building Code Appeals $350.00
Surcharge (added to the total cost of permit) 2%
After the Fact Fee
Permit Fee Doubles

Note: Re-inspection Fees shall be paid with thirty (30) days of the scheduled inspection. This fee applies to those who schedule an inspection and once the building inspector arrives, the work has not been done, corrected or the construction is not yet ready for the inspection.

Suspension of Permit - Any permit issued shall become invalid if the authorized work is not commenced within six (6) months from the date of the last inspection. The permit can be reinstated or extended one time within six (6) months of issuance for a $30.00 fee. Failure to do so results in a permit suspension.

Residential Plan Reivew fee applies to all Single Family Dwelling (SFD) and any accessory structure 500 square feet and larger.



Fees effective August 1, 2021


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